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Trainers - International Exchanges with International Groups

Its very important to bring Trainers who is specialized in one Theme at least, that can be able to lead the activity as a professional at all.

This means that the Trainer should be always updated with a new methods and elements that are important to work with Groups.

Working with International Groups means that to have background of Inter-culture as a bases for the Trainer. Practicing many languages facilitates the process of Communication during the Training.

There is one point to mention is about the creativity that Trainers should have it always. For me The professional Trainer who is able to create his exercises, games, instruments, materials.

The process of creativity should take in consideration the Talent of trainers during the Learning processes to be Trainer.

I can say through my experience as Trainer to give training in a leadership and working with International Groups, I always was cheeking with Trainers to reach a level that I can say now you can work with local or international Groups.

In our Exchanges as organizer you involve most of the work with activities based on personal experience of Trainers that could be divided in tow levels: First level to have a professional Trainers and that depend on the Budget or you bring the trainer that can guarantee the quality of activities during the Training Course in the Exchanges. This mean that we need to have a preparation for them to have more experience that can reach a good level with quality of Training.

The local Organization needs to invest over the Trainers by providing them with Courses and special Training and experimenting their skills with a local Groups of the Organization beside developing their Skills by integrate them in a local projects so the can develop their capacity as Trainer.

I think we need to mention that for the Fundraising to consider this kind of Training to have a professional Trainer that finally will empowering and increase the quality of Training in an Education formal and non Formal training.

I will be happy to see a young People who can lead an activity with 50 persons by using his/her own technique of Training. That will be appreciated to involve them with this kind important international experience with Exchanges in the Future.

Maher Draidi

Teacher of Pedagogic Theater

Alrahallah Theater Berlin e.V.

Berlin 19.10.2022

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