Pedagogic Theater as non-formal education method

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Non-formal education plays a significant role in the context of lifelong learning. By getting involved in various non-formal education activities, with overall and personality development, children and young people socialise, gain new experiences, and acquire new social roles. The wider the spectrum of non-formal education activities, the more possibilities there are for each child and young person to find the most suitable to get involved in according to their interests, needs, abilities, future intentions and goals.

The Pedagogic Theater is the method that invest all of the Elments of creativity in one practical example played by groups.

One of the forms of non-formal education for children and youth is theatre art non-formal education, which finds its theoretical methodological base in drama pedagogy. School drama clubs, optional course of public speech, drama studio etc. have a significant role and contribute to the promotion of students’ personality development, socialisation,reinforces the personal Identity, developing the inteligent levels and psicologic healthy.

The Pedagogic Theatre as non-formal education in the context of drama pedagogy historical development. The approaches, principles, new methods of drama pedagogy were and are currently used by teachers-practitioners in many countries not only in the drama non-formal education but also throughout formal education – by including drama elements as learning techniques and methods across different subjects, thus making the drama pedagogy universal, constantly present everywhere and at all times.

There is a golden rule in pedagogical theater that says: You can be able to be anytime and anywhere !! It is real, it is the freedom.

Even the educational curricula try to compensate for its rigidity by using practical models by sharing students ’views in a theatrical example and exchanging roles. And this space began to expand every day more and more because of its effectiveness, as well as everyone's interaction with it, in addition to adding an atmosphere of fun and entertainment.

We can say that the educational theater has become the heart of the educational process par excellence.

Berlin,9 May 2021

Maher Draidi

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