Alrahallah Theatre as Intercultural Theatre in Berlin

from the moment in which the Allrahallah Theatre has been legally registered, he has near in hand to carry out new concepts and activities among which are welcomed by the Young people who demonstrate day by day that the theatre is a very effective tool in the non-formal education process.

Let's say that the conditions of Migration in Berlin have forced us to give us a push to be integrated in the Activities concerning Migrants such as the concept of integration and active participation and therefore the social and psychological aspects of migrants who need help especially the upon arrival. Here Alrahallah has gathered many people who have shared their personal experience in local development both in the social and political aspects.

Corona is the other aspect that forced us to think in a different way regarding the type of our training so we brought our activities online by Zoom, so during this period we created a professional training course for trainers in the artistic field. social by using the theatre as the only tool.

The latest activities we have involved in the last 3 months are: The street theatre where we participated in two important festivals in Berlin: * Festival Von vorne Anfang 7 * 7 = 48 Hours – Visual Theatre Festival – June – July 2021

* The Anti-racist Festival – Performance Art festival July – August 2021 Berlin.

Together with our active participation we have organized and presented a Festival for Children in Neukölln – Kinderfest 2021 from 23 – 27 July where we involved 500 Children by offering Clown and Puppet Theatre shows, Animation with music, Storyteller and musical concerts.

Not to forget our work on the weekend we involved a group of 15 Boys and Girls for 6 Workshops in the collective theatre where they practice the theatre from their point of view together with the theatrical critic and at the end of the workshop they will present a show organized by them under the theme Fear.

at the weekend Allrahallah theater involves a group of children aged 7 – 17 in the project – KinderFilm where we work on the theme "Addiction to electronic games and its impact on children".

We would like to remind you that our theater is an Intercultural theater open to all and we work with everyone in Berlin and we offer our free services also giving the possibility to all who do not have the experience in the theater together with the professionals where they use our spaces to realize their theatrical activity. Alrahallah Theater also receives theater and intercultural students who do the practicum for several months with us in Berlin.

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